Monday, January 31, 2011

My Room


The Intelligence: Males by bikesinthekitchen

Ninjasonik: Recording

Jah Jah & Telli are doing rad things: Ninjasonik

What's it to you?

Sarah, Katherine, Caitlin & Brendan

Chicken Hut

Conrad. click: Dirty Finger
Christine, Sarah, Alex & Me
Benny, Chris & Ryan
?, Gordon, Me, Alys & Jah Jah
Tony Bones
Brendt Barbur is doing rad things: Bicycle Film Festival
Me & Sarah

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fashion by C.lo

Surfboard print

Stud print
Leopard print. Purchase here: Victoria's Secret
I designed these prints for the Victoria's Secret 'Beach Sexy' Swimwear line.

Adam Walker: King of the Kabob

I play this song when I'm getting busy

Busy Bee: Get Busy by bikesinthekitchen

Adventure time

It snowed again. Super!

Cyrus is doing rad things! click: Famous Class
Gavin & Dori
Sarah at Death by Audio
Worst toilet. Best wallpaper.